You’ll Never Guess What’s Doing the Rounds in the Slot Gaming World!

Most casinos are switching from traditional coin operated slot machines to the latest coinless ones that use something called as a ‘Ticket In/Ticket Out’ system.

Surprisingly enough, players are welcoming this change!

Not only can players avoid handling a whole lot of dirty coins, but they also find the new system to be altogether more convenient.

They can start playing as soon as they feed a currency note into the machine. Often times, the person selling coins can be busy or unavailable.

Cashing out is also very easy when you play on the new machines, particularly since the old machines had a tendency of running out of coins.

If you’ve never played on the new machines, then the following information will come in good use to you.

#1-Machine Credits are the Same as Actual Money

The machine gives you credits based upon the amount of money you feed into it. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that you’re playing with your hard earned money when you use these credits.

In fact, if you are not careful, then the losses will pile up.

The best thing to do is start slow and feed a small amount of money into the bill receptor. If necessary, feed new bills in only after you have exhausted the old ones.

#2-Switch to a New Machine after a while if You Have Been Losing

This will not help increase your chances of making money because the numbers get generated purely randomly.

In other words, there is no such thing as hot and cold machines.

However, switching to a new machine will give you a break from your losing streak.

More importantly, it will make you feel like you’re doing something to change your luck!

#3-Cash in Your Credits at a Predetermined Time

If you’ve played enough and want to cash out, do so even if you have a small amount of credit left in the machine.

You’ll end up wasting a lot of money if you opt to play off the credits left instead of encashing them.

Keep in mind, you’ll definitely feel better if you end up your gambling session with some money in your pocket!

#4-Keep an Eye on the Bill Receptor

If your currency note is wrinkled or inserted incorrectly, then it may be rejected by the machine.

If you are not careful then someone else might pick up your note; there are lots of people prowling the casinos just to find orphaned currency notes!

#5-Keep Your Ticket Safely After You’re Done Playing

You’ll need to exchange the ticket to get money. If you lose the ticket, then there is no chance of getting any money.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these tickets have expiry dates beyond, which your money will be lost. So, try and make sure that you encash the tickets before the expiry date or else your ticket will be worth nothing once it’s expired

There are lots of amazingly interesting slot games to choose from.

The new Steam Tower slot is especially good because it is very exciting and has good bonus games.

Always carry your identification with you because you’ll need it for any major encashment in case Dame Luck smiles upon you!

How to Make Profits from Playing Slot Games-All You Need To Know!

Slot games have come a long way from the time they were nothing, but frivolous games to keep the wives of ‘serious’ gamblers from distracting their husbands.

These days, almost two thirds of a casino’s revenues are generated from these machines. These games are extremely popular with players of all ages.

There was a time not too long ago when most casino slot games were from a company called Microgaming.

However, these days there are more than 150 companies in the business, which testifies to the popularity of slots.

Slot games are fairly simple to play and all of them have bright colours and interesting themes. They differ in the numbers of reels and pay lines and also in how bonus games are awarded.

Online slot games are extremely addictive, especially since some of them have huge payouts. People love playing games with huge jackpots because of the chance of winning big.

If you are wondering whether there is a method to winning at slots, then the answer is a clear ‘No’.

No matter how many tempting letters you get in the mail or by email offering you a ‘guaranteed’ way to win at slots, there is no denying the fact that this is a game of chance.

There is absolutely no system that you can use to make money this way.

If there is any online game that benefits from having a ‘system’, it is probably poker because this is a game that needs a bit of skill.

Slot machines run on sophisticated technology and they have computer chips that generate the images that appear on the screen.

In fact, the machines use something known as a Random Number Generator (RNG) to keep on producing numbers even while the machine is inactive.

This also means that it doesn’t make sense for you to stick to a particular machine or game just so that you can eventually win from it; the win will happen purely at random!

Another misconception is that you can increase the chances of winning by keeping a tab of the symbols that appear on each wheel.

Not only is this very difficult to do, but also anyone who knows anything about how slot machines work (computer generated numbers) will tell you that there are far more likely combinations than you imagine.

As a matter of fact, a slot machine can actually calculate millions of combinations, leaving you far behind in your attempts to keep a track of them.

Slot machines do differ in their payout percentages, but you will find that all machines from a particular casino or manufacturer offer the same percentage.

It is a good idea to find out what this percentage is before you actually use a particular machine.

The best thing to do with slots is choose a game that seems the most exciting and just play it.

For instance, Steam Tower slot is one of the newer games available today and it is really interesting.

Keep your exposure low at the beginning, until you get the hang of the game, and then start gambling with larger amounts if you want.

In this way, you’re sure to have a great time with slots as long as you are relaxed!

Slot Machines-Then & Now!

In today’s gambling world, slot machines are the most sought after casino games. They are otherwise known as fruit machine, pokies, poker machine, slot, or puggy in different parts of the world. When it comes to slot machines, they are one of the trusted casino games by the online casinos that enable them to make them some decent revenues. For the players, it’s one of the easiest casino games that don’t require a lot of strategies or techniques to play.

History of Slot Machines

Read on more as we take you back to the time when it was invented.

Inception of Slot Machines

The first usage of these machines and gambling in general can be traced back to the year 1891. Pitt and Sittman from Brooklyn, New York developed them, which comprised of five drums with 50 cards. Based on a game of poker, the cards needed to align to form a good hand in order to win.

The machine became popular in a short span of time and every bar started to possess one of these machines. People who were interested in playing would pull lever after inserting a nickel. This would roll the drums and also the cards they held.

Every time the cards rolled, players hoped for a good hand of poker. Initially, there were no monetary benefits to this type of gambling and people were offered a free beer, some extra drinks, or even a cigar.

Development of Slot Machines

Based on the model mentioned above, Charles Fey from San Francisco developed the very first slot machine with a simple automated mechanism.

Some claim that he invented this in 1887; while others claim that it was in 1895. The slot machine was named as Liberty Bell, which instantly gained popularity among fellow gamblers.

Although, the usage of gambling devices was not allowed legally in the US, there was a huge demand from other places. This model was an inspiration for other slot machines and some even copied this model.

In 1907, Operator Bell machine was manufactured by Chicago based Herbert Mills. By around 1908, almost every city had ‘bell’ slot machines installed in saloons, cigar stores, bowling alley, and even in barber shops.

Seeing the huge amount of fans and knowing that the market is untapped Charles, then went ahead and founded a company, which aimed at designing and manufacturing slot machines only.

The company was named after him ‘Charles Fey and Company Inc’ and dominated the gambling industry for the next 50 years.

Legal Restrictions of the Slot Machine

By 1909, slots were considered as illegal in San Francisco. By 1911, this rule was applied to the whole of California. But this certainly didn’t stop Charles Fey as he became creative and devised new ways to make the slot machine, which did not clash with the legal system.

This is the time when cards were traded for a fruits theme slot machine. But it was not long before, when authorities found a loophole and the ‘State vs. Ellis’ case was a huge blow to all the slot machines.

While facing the wrath of the legal system, the gambling industry was growing in Nevada where there were no legal restrictions. This was when Miss Novelty Company came into the scene providing cheaper slots, which was made out of wooden cabinets.

Although there was another legal blow in 1951, when the Transportation of Gambling Devices Act was passed by Congress, in the 1960s, Bally Corporation came into the scene with advanced features, taking gambling to a whole new level.

The Introduction of Video Slots

The video slot was introduced in 1976 by Fortune Coin Co., which was based out of Las Vegas. The more advanced version with a second screen bonus was implemented in 1996 by WMS Industries Inc.

With the launch of Steam Tower slot by Net Entertainment, the online casino industry has gone a step further and slots can be played on mobile devices as well now.

Casinos With Steam Tower Slot

If you are looking for a new casino that offers the high octane slot, Steam Tower, then you have come to the right place. Choose from our selection of high quality casinos and bonuses, below.

thrills big

Top 5 Steam Tower Casinos


MrGreen - Claim your 300% Bonus Now

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MrGreen is our casino of choice thanks to its huge selection of slots and table games, immersive aesthetics, helpful customer support, and high value welcome bonus.  Along with the entire suite of NetEnt games, you will also find Microgaming favourites like Avalon and Game of Thrones. Needless to say, if you love playing slots, you will find it hard to get bored.  New players can claim a fantastic welcome bonus worth $/£350 when joining.  Click here to claim the latest sign up offer.

Royal Panda - Get a 100% Bonus worth $100

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For slot lovers casinos don’t get much better than Royal Panda - a fairly new but highly reputable gaming site that specialises in NetEnt games like Steam Tower, Robin Hood, Twin Spin, and Starburst.  You will be awarded a 100% bonus when you sign up (see the above banner) which can be used on any of the games on offer, from roulette to slots.

Claim your bonus now.

GuTS - Welcome bonus up to $300


GUTS is one of the most popular online casinos and was one of the first to feature the NetEnt quite of slot machines.  At the site you will find games like Steam Tower, Starburst and Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as table games like roulette and blackjack.  Sign up with GUTS today and claim a fantastic welcome bonus comprising of 100 free spins and a $300 deposit bonus.

The 5 Best Online Casinos to Play Steam Tower Slot

Net Entertainment is back and takes you straight from this modern world to the Victorian era through their Steam Tower video slot.

This enchanting journey takes place in the 19th century packed with a lot of adventure. You will need to climb the tallest tower and rescue the princess from the evil dragon.

Steam Tower is a three row, five reel and 15 pay lines video slot. It comes with a generous amount of free spins and also multipliers, thereby offering something unique and new to everyone playing the slot game. It is casual, fun, and an overall entertaining game.

Now, the question comes where can you play Steam Tower slot?

This slot is available at most Net Entertainment powered casinos, but here are five casinos that have some great offers that you can take advantage of, along with playing this entertaining game.

#1-Anna Casino

Anna CasinoGet yourself comfortable and get ready to get completely entertained with Anna casino. This website embraces technology and gives you a gaming experience like never before.

The important aspect of this website is that they pay a lot of attention to the safety. Every information, communication, and transactions are encrypted and stored securely and is not shared with any other third party.

They also emphasise on their users to play responsibly thereby, keeping the environment always fun. But the best of all is that they offer Steam Tower slot that you can enjoy playing here.

#2-Bet At Home Casino

Bet at Home CasinoThis casino is soon becoming a household name in Europe with a wide range of innovative products on their website. They also provide some amazing offers to their customers and assist them in terms of help with a highly qualified customer support team.

They have been in the market for over 15 years and have over four million registered customers. You can choose from 18 languages and hence, don’t really need to worry about trying to understand this site in a foreign language.

On an average, this site witnesses 23,000 on their 75 games with Steam Tower slot being one of them.

#3-Bet365 Casino

Bet365 CasinoBet365 is one of the world’s biggest gambling companies online. They have more than 18 million customers across the globe and have about 3,000 people to cater to their customers.

The Government of Gibraltar has licensed and regulated this website. They have a wide range of casino games like poker, blackjack, and even bingo rooms.

This company has a very unpretentious one-wallet system, which means you will have the same username-password combination even for your payment method.

To help you enjoy the game responsibly, they have options including deposit limits, self-assessment, activity alerts, parental controls, self-exclusion, and keeping information control.

#4-Bet At Casino

Betat CasinoBet At brings your casino playing experience one-step closer due to the mobile technology. Another great thing about this casino is that it was designed way keeping in mind what players have in mind.

They offer complete transparency and constant support and service to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have faster pay outs, no payment fees, never lock real funds, appropriate regulatory measures, and a lot of welcome offers. Playing Steam Tower slot at this casino does seem quite lucrative!

#5-Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino Betfair casino took the gambling industry by storm in 2000s and now has become one of the pioneers in offering a complete range of betting and gaming products.

The Betfair casino is available for Android, iPhone, iPad as well as Blackberry. You can play Steam Tower slot from anywhere at your convenience and enjoy the adventurous and entertaining game at anytime you like.

Benefit from Various Promotional Offers on Steam Tower Slot

Are you more of a casual gambler than handling something which is complex and edgy?

Casino Bonus OffersThen, Steam Tower slot is something you need to get your hands on. It was introduced by the gambling giant, Net Entertainment. Recreating the bygone Victorian Era from the 19th century along with industrial design, in this game you enter a whole new fascinating journey.

The things that is not possible in your real life such as climbing a steam tower and rescuing the trapped princess from the evil dragon can be done in ‘reel’ life through the Steam Tower slot.

As you attempt to climb the tower with Free Spins, the Multiplier automatically increases until you reach the top floor. Apart from just saving the princess, you can also receive a 7x multiplier and top floor bonus coin. This is a five reel, 15 bet lines and three row steampunk-themed video slot.

If you are a beginner at gambling or trying this game for the first time, there are ways you can try and play the game for free before you invest some money. The main advantage of the slot is that the company has designed it in such a way that it triggers the main bonus unlike any other slot.

Read on more as we show you the way to ultimate entertainment without having to spend a lot.

Sign-Up Offer

Websites like Tivoli casino offer their players an attractive sign up benefit, which include getting up to 10 free spins without making any deposits.

Once, you sign up on their website and get verified, they will send you a bonus code, which you can use it almost immediately to start playing.

This offer is primarily available for players from Finland, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Iceland, Austria, Australia, and Ireland.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are available for both, existing and new players by the casino. But, you are in for a benefit if you are new player as you get free spins when you sign up with them. With these free spins, you can take away huge winnings, which can be credited to your casino account either as cash or even as bonus funds.

When are the Free Spins Accessible?

They are available under 3 circumstances.

  1. When any new slot game is about to be launched, the companies will crank up the promotions.
  2. Festive season like Christmas and New Year is a happy time and websites like BetSpin Casino run a special offer, wherein you can log into your account every day and you can see promotional offers available for that day.
  3. Sometimes, the casino surprises you truly and least when you expect it with an interesting offer on your birthday. These promotional offers do not need any deposit and you can make complete use of it.

Additional Offers

If you are a new customer, you can win up to a bonus of ₤100 or equivalent when you log into websites like CasinoLuck. All you need to do is send them an e-mail.

The moment you get a response from them, you’ll be showered with free spins and other offers that you can use on Steam Tower slot or any other slots that are specified.

With so many exciting offers, what are you waiting for? Play the video slot today!

Enjoy Steam Tower Slot On-the-Go!

Gone are the days when gaming was only restricted to playing snake games, Tetris, or simply bursting bubbles/gems.

Technology has grown exponentially and everything has become mobile these days. Right from shopping, entertainment, taking high quality pictures, listening to music, connecting with your loved ones across the continents, or even working, a mobile phone and tablet can accommodate all this and much more!

Mobile GamingSo, have you wondered why mobile gaming is addictive, yet has become an essential part of life? Read on more to find out why mobile gaming is the way of the future!

  • Access it Anytime and from Anywhere: Standing in the queue for your bus or at the bank? Waiting for your plane? Then, this little device comes handy to relax you a little bit and transport you to an entirely different world.
  • Playing in the Browser: If you are a big fan of playing casino games, then you can even make some real money playing these games. Simply access them from your browser or even download their app. A lot of devices including Apple, Android, and Windows phone support their games.
  • Eliminating Expenses: With a mobile or tablet in your hand, you can avoid expenses to invest in a separate console or a highly configured computer. The level of entertainment is not compromised most of the time, and you will be paying only a fraction of what you originally intend to pay.
  • Setting up Time: With mobile devices, there are no lengthy wires, no reading pages of manual to set up a single game. All you need to do is download it and start playing in a few seconds. If you have a decent internet speed, online games is a breeze as well.
  • Eco Friendly: Mobile gaming consumes lesser energy and also does not take up a lot of server space.
  • Variety: Like word games? Shooter or slot games? Simple games that don’t take much of your mind work? You can find almost any type of game in mobile gaming according to your time, interest, and other factors.

Mobile game developers are very eager to develop games on this platform because they get to cater to a wide range of audience instead of a particular segment.

Apart from that, they also get to work with newest technology and latest devices, which are getting better over the time. Even big gaming giants like Net Entertainment are venturing into mobile to discover their audience. One of their products the Steam Tower slot is one such example.

Even when you play on the mobile, you can go back and revisit the Victorian era with stunning visuals and a robust design as every small detail is meticulously taken care off.

You get the thrill to climb the tallest tower and rescue the princess just like in fairy tales, but only on a smaller screen and device, which can you carry with you all the time. The games that are designed for mobiles are not compromised in any way. There’s literally no difference in playing on your computer or your mobile. Slot games comprise of multipliers and free spins, which effectively increase your chances of winning much more!

With multiple benefits and luring options, get ready to go mobile with Steam Tower slot!

Important Tips to Play Online Slot Games!

Did you know there over a million people who love to play online slot games every day?

Tips to Play Slot GamesBut the reason they play may be different from one another. Some people aim to hit the jackpot and attain stardom, while some play to just relax and relieve their mind.

There are no sure shot ways of winning the jackpot. Think about it, if everything is out on the plate, then everybody will keep winning right?

So, there is only a mix and match of strategies and tips available, which you can implement to increase your chances of winning. Let’s take a look at few of them that you can probably use to play the steampunk-themed slot, Steam Tower slot by Net Entertainment.

  • The first and foremost important tip is that always gamble an amount more than what you have. Although it might be luring to spend more thinking that you might get it all back, but there are very meagre chances you may win at that particular time. Do not use the money you have saved up for your vacation or to pay your bills, play with money you have for your entertainment purpose only and set your expectations.
  • If you want to get good at playing these online games, try something basic first. Try three-reel slots first, and see how you perform. Then try the advanced ones, which are 3D slots or have movie themes. Get familiar with how these slots work and how to get more out of it. When you are getting good at it, keep advancing. You can also try certain games for free before you pay for it as it will give you a fair idea of how the game works.
  • Set a particular time for playing before you start a new game. And, when the time is up, use all your self-control to get up and move away from the game. Even when there is still some money left from your budget never opt for playing extra time. When you sit at your home comfortably, all you do is keep depositing money without realising how much you ended up spending on playing and gambling. When you are playing at a land casino, after a particular point you need to get home right? Think of it in the same way.
  • Saying yes to bonus or not? When you are a new player, you get some nice welcome bonus, which may earn you some nice payouts when you add it to your existing bank deposit. If you are a seasoned player, then choose your bonuses after reading through the conditions. Many casino websites promise maximum cash payout, but you might have to play through their requirements. Also some bonuses are available only for people from certain countries; ensure yours is in the list.
  • What works for one slot game does not work for another. So, whenever you are shifting games ensure that you adopt a new strategy. For example, you can experience a low risk and laid back bonuses in Steam Tower slot by Net Entertainment. They are ideal for casual gamblers or beginners who are trying to explore this. While, other slots like Jack Hammer may be a little hard core for you.

In the end, the strength truly lies in withdrawing your bets while you can!

Pros & Cons of Playing Steam Tower Slot

Steam Tower slot is a popular game from the casino gaming giant, Net Entertainment. With 15 pay lines and five reels, this game is nothing short of excitement and entertainment.

Pros & ConsThis game takes you back to the 19th century where you can witness the charm of Victorian era. Whatever occurs in fairy tales can be experienced by you in this slot.

You can climb the highest tower and free the princess who has been trapped by the dragon. If you are a casual casino player, then you’ll enjoy this game to the maximum.

Whenever a game is released, there is always a lot of reviews about how it is and what you can expect from it. Similarly, Steam Tower slot also has its share of pros and cons.

Listed below are a few views from real time players. This is what they have to say after playing Steam Tower slot.

Read on to decide if this slot is worth your time or not. But if you’re fascinated by the Victorian era and saving damsels in distress, this slot will definitely appeal to you!

Pros of Playing Steam Tower Slot

  • The major plus point of this game is the story it holds. It takes you to a beautiful place away from the gruelling reality to give you a peace of mind. You get to witness the pre-industrial era, save a beautiful girl, while being adventurous and all!
  • Usually in other slot games, when you come across a free game, you cannot proceed after a particular level unless you pay. But, with steam tower slot you can play till you save the girl. What’s more is that, with each floor you climb your earnings will increase because of the multiplier.
  • You get to play Free Spin Bonus and Multiplier rounds, which is equally exciting. The more floors you climb, even better. The multiplier is split into different floors. So, floors on to two is 2x, floors four to six is 3x, floors seven to nine is 4x, and when you reach floor 16, you get up to 7x.
  • You get two wilds, one is the regular one and the other one is extended, which when completed may give you a chance to play 10 other free games.
  • You can play with the minimum bet of just €0.15 or equivalent currency per spin, which is comparatively easy on your pockets. Whenever you are running low on credits, yet you feel like playing a slot game, then this is THE ONE!
  • Every little graphic design and sound is top-notch, which gives you a feel of playing in the console.
  • This game can be accessed through mobile, anytime and anywhere at your convenience. The game is available in iOS, Android, and even Windows!
  • The winnings here are consistent and don’t disappoint you much. When you reach the maximum floors, you can get up to 1,000 coins, along with the multipliers you have already won.

Cons of Playing Steam Tower Slot

Compared to the pros, the cons are not many, but here’s what some players thought can improve.

  • There are times when you get free spins and you may even get more wild symbols, but you can’t win much.
  • When you open too many programs on your laptop, the game may lag a bit.
  • The stacked wilds do not appear when you are playing free games.

Apart from that, this game can get so addictive that you’ll not even realise how much time you’ve spent on it. For beginners, this is the perfect game to start and go their way up!

Steam Tower Slot Bonus Round

Steam Tower slot is powered by the well known game software developer, Net Entertainment. The great thing about this slot is that it’s available at all Net Entertainment powered casinos.

It is one of the first slots to be released in 2015 and is quite interesting. What’s more is that, in spite of being a brand new launch, it has already made a good impression on the players in terms of its bonus rounds as well as the base game. In fact, there is nothing in this slot, which is not worth admiring!

All the casinos, which are backed by Net Entertainment games present plenty of bonus offers with high payouts, which can be useful on the Steam Tower slot.

All you need to do is sign up with the slot and then claim maximum bonuses as is possible. Claiming bonus offers will surely be rewarding as the bonuses here are high valued and supreme.

One of the highlights of Steam Tower slot is that it has an excellent payout percentage, which makes it a perfect slot to be played with any bonus offers.

It is apparent that whatever money you bet on this slot, is returned to you very quickly in the form of payouts. Also, you may soon notice that your winning payouts increase, which is the result of an attractive payout percentage as well as bonuses. These can be cashed out as per your will as soon as you win hefty amounts.

The Innovative and Interesting Bonus Round

The bonus game is triggered when the wild symbols are collected on any of the reels. These reels help in activating the bonus round as well as in making multiple winning combinations.

This bonus gets you 10 free spins and during the bonus round, if more wild symbols appear, you get more free spins and hence, will be able to form more winning combinations. So, players should definitely keep a lookout for more wilds on the reels, both during the base game as well as the Free Spins Bonus round.

As you play these bonuses, you complete a level and progress to the next level. The value of the multiplier also increases with the increase in the levels.

The main objective of this round is to get to the top of the Steam Tower in order to turn this multiplier into a 7x multiplier. Once you get this, you will be ready to pay for the highest winning combinations in the game.

The multiplier keeps increasing as you manage to go up. After this, you also need to save the princess who is imprisoned at the top of the tower. This will get you a bonus coin win on the top floor.

The ultimate motive of this slot is to reach the top of the tower, and this mission starts as soon as you start with the Free Spins Bonus round. Getting wild symbols after every step, leads you to another floor of the tower, and this is how you get to the top floor eventually.

Steam Tower slot is a thrilling experience for slot game lovers, with an exciting Victorian theme, which is definitely worth a try.