Net Entertainment’s first slot of 2015, Steam Tower has a steampunk theme. Steampunk basically began as a subgenre of fantasy and science fiction literature, but slowly progressed to turn into a lifestyle and craft movement that usually includes certain parts of steam-powered machinery.

Based in the Victorian era, Steam Tower slot requires the players to save the princess stuck at the top of the steam tower from the fire-breathing dragon. It has 15 pay lines and five reels, and a unique feature where you need to climb the tower in order to rescue the princess, in addition to the basic features like Stacked Wild and Free Spin Bonus round.

Playing Steam Tower Slot

Interestingly, this game progresses floor by floor and you can keep a track of where you’re through the Floor Meter located at the bottom of the reels. As you play, two other meters will also be in motion. The first one is a Multiplier Meter. This will tell you the value of your current multiplier. Then there’s the Tower Meter that will indicate your current multiplier as well as your position in the tower.

With seven coin denominations, a minimum bet of 0.15 and maximum of 150, this slot will appeal to all types of players-low as well high risk takers!

Stacked Wild Symbol and the Free Spins Feature

In the base game, you need to keep a watchful eye for the Stacked Wild symbol. All you need is a single Stacked Wild to show up on your reels as one or more will activate the Free Spins feature. You instantly advance to the first floor. If during this feature, you’re able to land one or more Stacked Wild symbols, you’ll be given two extra free spins, in addition to going up the next floor.

There are a total of 16 floors and you’ll be able to reach the top with every free spin that you get. As soon as you reach the 16th floor, you’ll be rewarded with a cash prize worth a cool 1,000 coins as well as a 7x multiplier. This is the floor where you’ll fight the dragon and save the princess.

As you ascend, each floor is worth a different multiplier value. So, floors one to three will award you with a 2x multiplier, floors four to six are worth 3x multiplier, floors seven to nine can award you with 4x multiplier, floors 10 to 12 gives you 5x multiplier and floors 13 to 15 are worth 6x multiplier value.

You can also win 2,000 times your bet, but to be eligible for this kind of winning amount, luck needs to favour you big time as you need a Stacked Wild symbol on all the five reels at a time!

A Fantastic Historic Experience!

If you’re a steampunk fan, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this slot as Steam Tower is probably one of the first slots with this theme. As you play the game, you’ll notice the intricate details of all the elements like cogs, gears, machinery and of course, the steam tower.

Even the main character is dressed in steampunk inspired clothing like belt, brown vest, white shirt, goggles, top hat and even a grappling hook that is steam powered and attached to his hand.

With sharp and crisp graphics, captivating music and the lead character in constant motion on the left side of the reel, Steam Tower slot will definitely steam ahead in popularity very soon!