Hitting the biggest jackpot in slot machines and becoming a millionaire is everyone’s dream!

Working of Slot MachinesHowever, have you ever wondered how these machines work? Do these machines pay out only after a specific number of spins or is there something more to it?

Well, it is not that easy to comprehend it, as the inner working of a slot machine is very complicated.

The Inner Functioning of Machines

The moment handle is pulled, the machine starts working.

When you pull the handle, a hook starts operating and grabs the kicker.

The kicker is basically a rectangular plate that is on the bottom of the machine. It pulls the stoppers away from the spinning wheels or reels of the machine to display the pictures and make winning combinations.

This is the time when every player wishes to hear simply one word, Jackpot!

If three similar symbols appear on a single pay line, then the player wins a substantial amount.

The entire set of winning combinations can be easily explored through the payout table that appears before any game starts.

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of it if you really wish to augment your chances of winning.

When it comes to the movement of the control cam, it is not a cakewalk.

The rotating gears and spring present inside the slot machine plays a game of tug of war. Both pull each other to its side.

The spring pulls the cam, but the spinning of the gears decelerates the movement. This way, the inner functioning of the slot machine takes place offering the players a smooth gaming experiencing.

Any fault in this inner machine process can ruin the entire gaming fun. Casinos keep a proper check on their machines and ensure that they are working perfectly at all times.

About the Kicker

Different players keep on pulling the handle of the machine continuously one after another.

Further, the reels do not spin until the handle is pulled. At this very time, the hook is pushed against the ramp after moving the kicker.

The ramp tilts the hook in it so that, the hook releases the kicker and places it back into its position. When the kicker is hit forcefully to its position, it causes a very intense rotation and spins the disc rapidly.

Since the disc is linked to the reels, they also spin. Thus, the disc and the reel spin freely when a player releases the handle.

The moment when control cam returns to its starting position, the stoppers stop.

Further, the cam insists the cam plate to spring back and release the stoppers from its notches. In addition to this, the stoppers return one at a time and each stopper is removed from the cam plate.

Due to this, it hits the relative reel and stops the rotation of a particular reel. With this, the entire functioning of the slot machine is completed and the player receives the prize according to the winning combination.

The next time you try your hands at a slot machine and play your favourite slot like Steam Tower slot, think of its intense functioning!