The recent news is about Pennsylvania where the chance of the regulation of casino gaming and daily fantasy sports (DFS) seems bright. However, the lawmakers have taken the decision to consider the regulated online gaming in Keystone State once again.

Updates by the Pennsylvania Representative

The Pennsylvania representative, John Payne has recently made an update before the conduct of the deliberation on the bill sponsored by him by all the members of the House Gaming Oversight Committee. This bill is actually aimed at the regulation of online gaming in the state of Keystone. The representative has clearly mentioned that according to him, the lawmakers are hardly going to take up the issue of DFS and online gambling at least in the current year. He mentioned that the Senate session is going to end in few weeks and there is no discussion about the same. In fact, it has now become the matter of whether the Senate wishes to take up this issue or not this very year. The chances are just 50/50 that the Senate will address this issue.

Payne also mentioned that by not legalizing the online gambling, the state is only hurting itself. He fears that Pennsylvania will also become like Atlantic City, where five casinos have shut in less than three years. According to Payne, the legislators must regulate the DFS and online gaming for its 12 brick and mortar casinos, so that players can enjoy their favorite slots like Steam Tower Slots and others.

On the other hand, the Pennsylvania lawmaker has assured that he is doing everything that he can to bring the issue of DFS and online gambling. He further added that he will try his level best to regulate online casino gaming and DFS together before the sessions ends and before his retirement in this November.

The Casino Tax Situation of Pennsylvania

It was highlighted in the media reports that the supreme court of Pennsylvania recently struck down a local casino tax leaving the casino communities concerned about the same. According to the casino communities, they actually miss out a $10 million every year in slot tax revenue. As a result of this, the lawmakers are anticipated to fix this issue as soon as possible to resolve the plight of these casino communities. From now, these lawmakers have 120 days and it depends upon them whether they will work actively and take up the issue seriously. Payne also added that the local tax ruling can have a severe effect on such communities if the issue is not fixed.

The Neighbouring States and Competition

It is true that the entire set of states around Pennsylvania is strengthening its casino industries. Further, all the legislators are also endeavoring to keep the online gaming industry competitive. According to the reports, Pennsylvania makes more than $3 billion every year and has become the second largest commercial casino gambling industries market. In such a situation where the country is making so much revenue through casino industry, overlooking the current issues of DFS and online gaming will be the biggest mistake at hand of the legislators. They must address to the issue immediately to give a tough competition to other states and increase its revenue. Payne expressed his excitement over SugarHouse casino launching its online gaming products in New Jersey in the very absence of Pennsylvania online gaming.

Therefore, it can be seen that only few representatives like Payne are actually been able to comprehend the current state-of-affairs wisely and correctly. However, the decision is not due on them. It is about the entire senate taking a unanimous decision.